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Life of a domestic goddess
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Date:2008-07-13 08:42
Subject:My pro-life daughter on her birthday
Mood: amused

Dialog witnessed by a dear friend between my daughter and her 6 friends at a birthday party:

Girl #1: "Just step on it!"

Cyan: "NO! You don't have to, it will go away."

Girl #2: "My mommy squishes them with shoes."

Girl #3: "My daddy gets poison and kills them all!"

Cyan, getting more and more dramatic by the momemnt: "Don't you care about LIFE??"

Girl #2: "They're just bugs!"

Cyan: "Bugs have feelings! They have life!" At this point she starts pinching the other girls (not hard) and saying "See this!?! Do you feel that? That's because you have LIFE!"

At this point, dear friend steps in: "Girls. We all do differently and I think Cyan has something she would like to say. Cyan, what is it?"

Cyan: "I just care about LIFE!" Exasperated sigh and rolling of the eyes as she walks away arms crossed dramatically.

Apparently there was much more to the converstaion that dear friend did not catch beforehand... and all the girls are friends again after dear friend explained that everyone does things differently in every family.

Which I demonstrated as I grabbed a moth from the house and tossed it outside while one of the dads said "You just grabbed that with your hand???"

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Date:2008-07-08 21:57
Subject:The most recent teen drama at my house... I am not mature enough for this shit.
Mood: crazy

So I have one for you. Now Alex is saying he won’t eat the entire time he is grounded. Which this time is for two days. Which is only because he would not keep his tongue when he decided to toss his sister (and make her cry) off the porch while they were racing to the front door. He said “I only “moved” her.” [rolleyes] And then proceeded to argue with me, all haughty for the next 20 minutes! So he's grounded. Go figure kid. Talk to mom like that after you were CLEARLY in the wrong, and you get grounded. Trust me. He is lucky he didn't get slapped. UGH! And now he has been seriously following me around asking if that is the punishment he should have for the last HOUR (the starving for two days, I mean). I want to ground the kid for a month, but I know that would be dumb… for one, because he didn’t really do anything that would require that length of grounding, and for two, he is only going to be here for another 10 days! So that wouldn’t work… ACK!!

I am handling it well though. It is odd. The worse he gets, more into the ‘I don’t make sense because I am a teen’ stuff I mean, the better I get. Because he has stopped making sense. Stop eating for two days because I am grounded. Whatever… like the kid could even skip a meal. LOL… I have spent the better part of my life running damage control on people who make no sense whatsoever. Maybe the teen years won’t be as hard as I think. But man. They are already annoying and I am at ‘T minus 1 year and 11 days’. Is that what is wrong with my parents? They both never grew out of being 13??

Sigh… Don’s not home. No one to vent to but the internets. Sometimes I feel like I do nothing but bad mouth the kid. But honestly, you can’t be around him for a strait 10 minutes without him doing something that is SO 'off' that you want to scream. Wait. That isn’t true. If you put him to work, then he does well. Especially if you are paying him for it. Maybe I should just hire him out to the neighbors. Have him come home exhausted but well paid. Maybe that will get us through these years without killing each other counseling.


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Date:2008-05-22 19:00

You Are Likely an Only Child

At your darkest moments, you feel frustrated.

At work and school, you do best when you're organizing.

When you love someone, you tend to worry about them.

In friendship, you are emotional and sympathetic.

Your ideal careers are: radio announcer, finance, teaching, ministry, and management.

You will leave your mark on the world with organizational leadership, maybe as the author of self-help books.

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Date:2008-05-21 01:05
Subject:For my husband, a week late for our anniversery... but hell, I was sick. I adore you, my love.

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Date:2008-05-14 13:41
Subject:The spiral effect of everything...
Mood: confused

Lately I have been thinking a lot on cause and effect. Some things are easy to see... like the cause and effect of spendy money, and then not having it. lol... others are not so easy. Driving a lot in one week, and then your children being all out of sorts. Toddlers not feeling well, and so acting up just before they get visably sick. Climate change, bees dying, and then no food for humans. This type of thing gets me. I sit and look at my flowers, yellow rhodies (which I do not even like), bright pink peonies, smaller, more subtle blueberry flowers, pea flowers, chive flowers, etc. It only takes one bee to move from flower to flower to get those babies polinated. But I am not sure we will even have that. That worry, is of course, the alarmist in me. It probably won't be an issue at all. But it makes you think: what else can I do? Do I give up my small car payments for a Hybrid car? Would that really even help? Do I stop driving? That would stop Don from going to work at this point, and me from having any connection to other homeschoolers. It is easy to see the cause and effect of putting tons of herbicide on your grass to make it all pretty and healthy and then fish dying down stream. That is an easy connection (but one some still don't get sadly). But the connection between disposable paper cups for coffee and rainforest disappearance... those things are harder to see. The connection between the huge rise in 'immunity disorders' and immunizations. The connection between my stomach illnesses and drinking coffee (which I am once again, hopelessly hooked on after 5 years of not drinking it!). Things like this. They are hard to see... easy to ignore. But becoming more important the more we learn.

Sometimes I just want to go back to a time when we had to work with nature, and not fight it. But then the information age has SO much to offer that I don't really mean that. What I mean is that I wish that we had learned from the huge mistakes... instead of just asking for government subsidy because our crops are not growing anymore.

Sometimes, it just seems like capitalism is the best, and the worst thing that has ever happened to the world.

How is that for a disjointed, broad-sweeping post?

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Date:2008-04-30 10:11
Subject:Weird woman stuff

Ever realized that you have been so preoccupied with how your ass looks you have forgotten to wash your face?

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Date:2008-04-26 06:32
Subject:Holy Shit people...

The world is going to die. lol... I am feeling a sense of doom about this season. For a few reasons:

For one... over 30% of the bees in western WA are now dead. Those are the critters that polinate our food. I have been looking for the last two days for people who sell Orchard Mason Bees to put s block in my garden and try to buffer my own crops... but everyone (like all over the country) is out. So this bee death phenomenon is not just here.

For 2... Flour has gone up by 100% in my area. Yesterday 10lbs of flour cost me over $5.

For 3... There is no rice anywhere. The co-op is out, the Costco is out. Everywhere is out of rice. Yesterday, I was shocked to find some Jasmine rice at Fred Meyers... I bought 12lbs of it. It was spendy, but will be worth it later.

For 4... There is frost on the ground today. Heavy frost. Like the kind that kills new seedlings and blossoms that will be this years harvest. Our last frost date (before this year) was April 15th. Now are are more than 10 days past that and we have had 2 inches of snow, and a heavy frost.

I have to admit to starting to be truly alarmed.

I am starting to see that I am better off than those around me... with a garden all set up, and chickens for eggs. I am starting to see the things I felt were coming ARE coming. I never wanted that. I wanted to be the weird one. The one that was off her rocker and an alarmist. I don't mind being ecentric... I mind that I was right.

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Date:2008-04-01 12:08
Subject:The last tooth is THROUGH!
Mood: content

Omg, it has been a LONG 5 weeks, but the 6th tooth is finally through. Yep, you read that right. He got the first of this set of 6 teeth just 5 weeks ago. That is a tooth a week (or more) for the last month and a half. Poor baby... omgoodness. But on a good note, he is starting to sleep a little bit. He wakes on average only twice now.

Other things are going well. Homeschool is doing better and better every week now. She hardly ever complains about being away from her friends any more (mainly becuase I have been REALLY careful about making sure she has at least two playdates per week or more). She is doing stellar work (http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/RoseGardenhomeschool/).

Making the choice to homeschool Alex is already the right one. Before he is even home. He is working better with the family, I am having great talks about getting along with everyone, and being able to act like he is part of a team instead of doing his own thing. Interupting, helping out, arguing, making faces, talking back... all improved a bit already.

Don is doing great. Tired, because his schedule sucks! Working nights is hard. Working 10 hour nights is really hard... even though it gives you 3 days off a week.

I got to get out in the garden for the first time this season yesterday. I cleaned up beds a bit, and moved the trellis so I can plant peas when I get my yearly yard of soil, and started turning over the beds and cleaning off the pathways. The nights have been super cold lately. To the tune of lows in the 20's every night. The light has to be on for the chickens again, and the araconas have completely stopped laying. I haven't gotten a green egg in a month. We still get eggs (about 3 to 4 a day) from our trusty Rhodies, and Buffs... it is enough, although I had to have someone bring a dozen store bought eggs for Easter breakfast. lol!

That is all for now. Logan is dying for some lunch.

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Date:2008-03-22 08:36
Subject:14 mos old!
Mood: groggy

Logan is really into coloring right now. He is loving being able to sit at the big table with the kids while they do schoolwork, and he gets to color on his scrap book. Everytime he gets a new color he looks at me with this thrill in his eyes... it is completely adorable!

My baby is 14 months old today. It is hard to believe, but also very easy to remember. He still doesn't sleep well. Now only waking 3 times or so in the night. Sigh... He has 11 teeth, still missing that one in front that has caused him so much pain. He is usually happy now... no longer chasing after me and screaming at every little tiny thing. He helps put his own clothes on, knows where his ears are, and his nose (but is always more interested in your nose) and ADORES buttons. I don't think that is an acurate discription... the kid will do anything for buttons. Any buttons. Doesn't matter if they are on my cell phone, the computer box, the tv remote, x box control, or the button to push to stop the salad spinner...... he will grunt and then YELL if you didn't hear his want the first time, to get his hands on buttons of any kind. Most of all, he is in my cutest, and most fun kid phase. Full fledged toddlerhood. This age, until about 3. Man I love it. And good thing. Becuase my kids are crazy toddlers. I don't think Logan will be like Cyan, but I have my work cut out for me.

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Date:2008-03-19 11:59
Subject:One of those moments...
Mood: guilty

...where you wish you were invisible.

We are high maintence library patrons.

Ok, so Cyan and I are checking out our 22 items from the library (these
are the items that were on hold), and Cyan went to look at the new
DVD's. As she is walking back to me to show me her finds, she spins
(pretty much as fast as she can) the DVD rack. DVD's shoot in about a
10 ft radius around the DVD rack as my daughter stands there,
completely speachless.

Oh yes... the library ladies loved me today. Some laughed, and said it
was alright... others were not so much. We helped pick them up and
left VERY soon after. I am guessing the lady that was sorting as we
left is STILL sorting, an hour later.

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Date:2008-03-19 10:02
Subject:Mixed Messages
Mood: had too much coffee

It is so strange how different people use the internet. The main time I see the difference is between people who use it as a resource and people who work with it as a job. There are completely different things that are considered "cool" or even "ok". Like on my blog. http://goddesshobbies.blogspot.com/ I can list you at least 12 different people who use my blog as a radio for when they are just out and about on the internet during their day... tons of people have said that they "love the soundtrack"... but I get feedback from people who work with computers, and they say that the auto start playlists are terribly bad taste. I had no idea. I am not sure what to do about this, as I am one of those who use the thing like a radio where I can pick my playlists. lol... I do know that now I am finding it hard to try to get songs that are appropriate, and so I am considering putting it on random.

I wish that I could find something with smaller controls so that I could put it at the top of the blog so that the controls for the music were easier to access. That would be a middle groud. If you wanted to turn it off, I should make it easy. But that would be so 'myspace' of me to have a big playlist at the top in bold of my blog. That wasn't the 'look' I was going for. lol... I should research playlist servers. Perhaps someone else has something that won't take away from my blog, but at the same time be easy to access so you could always turn it off if you wanted.

Any ideas? (Nice, productive ideas?)

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Date:2008-03-18 11:47
Subject:OK Go - Here It Goes Again

This is so much fun. :)

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Date:2008-03-15 14:39
Mood: energetic

So we are fully going to be a homeschool family next year. We just decided to take Alex out for a year to see if he can possibly catch up before entering Jr High. It is a BIG choice... and even just in making it, I am having to add a bit of patience in my daily routine, and understand that this is a process, and he isn't going to mature over night... and also take a big fat look at my part of this whole thing and try to be patient with his process. I open my mouth less... I breath before I speak. He is hard, but man, if I don't watch it, I can make it SO much harder just by making him uncomfortable. Everything that bothers me, comes back at me triplefold if I make him feel like he can't do anything right (which is easy, becuase he is VERY sensitive).

So #1. I adore my son. Just looking at these pictures I am about to post, he is really a wonderful kid and if I am looking at the man he will become and not the preteen he is, man, he is going to make a great catch. After all, we are not training them for highschool, we are training them for LIFE. And he has got all that. He is a great big brother, a good worker, and a wonderful helper. What woman/job/career could ask for more? The kid is practically my third arm around here.

#2. I am prepared for this to be a long year. For there to be frusteration and a time of adjustment. I am setting myself up, before I even let him have the CHOICE to stay home, so that we can work together without him driving me mad, or me tearing him down for it. We work together great, he does the responcibility thing wonderfully. So I am using those skills and setting up a basis in which we can work together, and I can set him on tasks and I don't have to have him with me (read ON me) all the time. Before I even hand him the choice to stay home.

#3. I am also prepared to change my mind. I haven't come into this lightly, so I won't back out lightly, but if things REALLY don't work out, well, I am ready to admit defeat if I have to. I doubt this will happen. I believe that this will be a great year for both of us.... but if I have to, I will not hesitate if it will save our relationship.

#4. I am not sure where he will go from there. I am unsure whether I am going to put him in 7h grade, or in 8th grade at the end of his year home. It will mostly depend on what he wants and where he feels he is socially. There are ups and downs of both. If I make the choice to put him in 7th grade, he will be one of the oldest in his class, he will be vastly ahead in academics, and he will already have a great grasp of what they want in the grade. But I would rather see him in the "gifted" lower grade classes then 'barely passing' the higher grade classes like he is this year.

All in all, I am really optomistic about the whole thing. I have found one local mama who has a 5th grader (Sept '96 baby where Alex is July '96 and in 6th grade) and a 2nd grader (this year) and then two friends who have 7th and 8th graders next year. So I have some support. I also have found CVA (Columbia Virtual Academy) which has programs set up for these kids, and ORLA which is also a local group where there are classes each week so the kids can get out of the house. These are the things I am going to research before I give my final push for the choice (which would be telling Alex he can make the choice not to go).

I have a meeting with his teacher the day after Easter. I am going to bring this up and see what he says. I do trust him, and hopefully he will have some good pointers.

Big choice. But worth making.......

More pictures:

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Date:2008-03-12 07:59
Subject:Logan's teething saga continues...
Mood: sympathetic

we have 5 out of the 6 that started popping through last month. Luckily that includes all 4 molars.... which has releived so much of his pain that he is nearly back to normal. The only pesky one is the bottom left on the outside of his front teeth... it is swollen and sore now... I am hoping for this week.

It will be nice to have a break from teething for a while. Poor kid was so miserable!

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Date:2008-03-11 21:54
Subject:Oh wow... that could be dangerous.


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Date:2008-03-11 21:14
Subject:A lesson learned... I think...
Mood: busy

Cyan is my runner. When she was a toddler I called her my beagle (a dog known for running away and not being able to get back home). Now that she is a bit older, I have loosened the reins and let her actually get lost a few times. Just in places that I know are safe or that I know very well... but yesterday was one of those times.

We were in our local Fred Meyers, which we have been in once a week (sometimes more) for the last 4 years. She knows the store in and out and I know most of the people there. So when she went running off saying "just a minute" I didn't hesitate... I just kept going to the front of the store to check out as I told her I was going to. I stood there, as dh paid for our groceries, and watched the doors... just to make sure she didn't think we had left her completely (both exits were behind me) and waited for my crazy child to find me.

She did.... and she was VERY upset. "I couldn't find you!" she says as she bursts into tears. She had walked up with one of the clerks we know well, who was also looking a bit upset (I let Don handle that).

I told Cyan that we needed to talk and walked to the restroom to have a real chat about it with her. As I walked in, I said "Ok little monkey, you need to learn...." that was about all I got out of my mouth before she pipes up with; "I am NOT a little monkey. Little monkey's stay with their family and they don't get lost, and they just get their bananas from the trees they live in and so they never have to go to the grocery store AT ALL!"

The lady in the restroom with us washing her hands burst out laughing... I don't think she could help it. And that made Cyan burst into tears again. All I could do was try not to laugh and hug her. Poor sweet Cyan. What am I going to do with this child?

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Date:2008-03-01 08:51
Subject:Sew Expo

Mom and I have spent the last two days at the Sew Expo. What a strange and wonderful place of people who are crafty/crazy like me. Audrey, you should really come one of these years. Bring Kate... it is SO much fun!

Last night was our sewing mama potluck. And it was so much fun. I laughed until my sides hurt... Pictures to come. :)

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Date:2008-02-21 12:07
Subject:So the week goes by...
Mood: content

without getting a thing done. This Monday and Tuesday were midwinter break for Alex. Where Oly and Lacey have the whole week off, Tumwater only gets one day, butted up against a three day weekend it is pretty cool. But it isn't a week. lol...

The day Alex went back to school, Cyan got a fever and a stuffy nose. Poor thing. I think she actually has an ear infection. First one for my kids in a decade. Literally. She is in bed today, with a few audio books from the library, garlic oil in her ear, and a warm rice pack on the side of her head. I had plans for us to get together wtih another family tonight... but I think we will have to call it off. Because my girly is sick.

On a good note, we are down 4/6 teeth in the Logan Teething Department now. The third molar just poped through. The whole right side of my sweet baby's face is tender, and he is chewing on his fingers a lot. Which makes me think that it won't be too long before that last insizor and molar are through on that side... but for now, he is happier. At least a little bit. Gosh, 6 at a time is just SO unfair! Don reminded me that he got 6 at a time last time too. 4 on top and 2 on bottom... all within three weeks. Poor baby. Something to write so he knows what to expect for his babies though.

When I say we got nothing done, I am really just talking school work. Cyan hasn't done a thing this week... and she may just take midwinter break herself, as her body is telling her she needs it (I just checked on her and she is asleep now). Hopefully she will be back up and about for the field trip we have planned to the Hands On Museum tomorrow.

Garden notes:

I DID get a bunch done in the garden. With Logan walking, I can be outside... even if the weather isn't perfect, because he isn't constantly getting wet. It is very nice. :) I built one raised bed, cut enough for one more (except one side is too short, so I need to get another board before I put them together) put everything in that bed lazanga style (layers of chicken bedding, leaves, dirt, worm soil...) and will be tilling it over in a month or so to plant. I am excited. I think this will work.

I also dead headed everything and found out what was going on with my raspberries.

So I have tried to grow healthy raspberries here for years. I have no idea what I am doing as I have no idea what type of raspberries these are. Everbearing berry canes should be cut back to 1 ft tall right now... but summerbearing berry canes should only be cut back if they fruited last year.

So today, I decide that I am going to cut back all my canes. Because I have been assuming they are the summerbearing kind, but they don't really fruit. I get tons of greenery, and then almost no berries. Well I kept finding green canes! So I stopped.

I called Seattle Tilth (their number is 206-633-0224 for those of my readers that are in my area) and brainstormed with the garden hotline lady there. We figured out that my plants have been given too much nitrogen (green/composted) matter. They are producing mostly leaves. They ARE in the blackberry family. lol... they like poor conditions. Being ignored, and coming up in grass where the green grass takes all the nutriants out of the soil. Stuff like that. She says the only thing they really need is full sun, and enough water.

I planted them in 2/3 mushroom compost (horse manure) and 1/3 top soil. She said that that is about opposite of what they like (1/3 compost and 2/3 soil). So I need to ignore them this year. Give them nothing but browns (leaves, peatmoss, honestly nothing if I want to... the leaves are just to keep the water in), and then wait for them to do their thing. I may have to prune the tops of the canes so they leaf out. Because that is where I will get the most berries. The side shoots. But aside from that, she said, mulch, and ignore them this year. And I should get a better yeild of berries.

All these warm days are spoiling me. I am guessing that just about the middle of March we will start the "go out like a lion" thang... and then I will deal with wet and nasty weather until June. And I will get really depressed... because I had this taste of garden freedom this winter. I am bracing myself for the impact of March. Feb has just been too damned nice!

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Date:2008-02-18 09:35
Subject:Long week...
Mood: drained

My poor sweet terribly teething toddler is now asleep in the sling on my lap. He is in so much pain. He chews everything... last week he had 6 teeth coming in... now three are through and he has three more to go. My heart aches for him to be in this much pain. I have broken down more than I care to admit and given him Tylenol so he can sleep. This week, it stopped helping. He just wants to nurse, and chew and bite, and suck on his fingers, binkies, whatever he can find on the floor to put in his mouth. When he isn't doing that, he is dumping things out and grumpy and following me around so he can scream his displeasure at being down... or up... or whatever he is having an issue with this week. It is SO terribly sad. I ache for him... Poor sweet baby.

Alex used to get 4 teeth at a time. Tylenol always worked... he was like a different kid on Tylenol. Hence why I tried it with Logan. 6 teeth at a time is more than any sweet baby should ever have to deal with.

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Date:2008-02-05 11:23
Subject:this is why we homeschool

There is no way anyone in public school would ever figure stuff like this out.

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